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Google abandons their paying customers – again

Friday February 12, 2016

If you have a Google Search Appliance you’ve probably heard by now that they have been discontinued, much as the Mini was some years ago. So when your maintenance contract expires you’ll be SOL unless you find an alternative solution before then. Head on over to Thunderstone to get a replacement for your orphaned Google Search Appliance.

Welcome Google Mini Refugees

Friday July 20, 2012

Those owning Google™ Mini’s may have discovered by now they own a dead horse due Google discontinuing them. Thunderstone is offering an upgrade path for Mini owners that protects their maintenance contract investment and allows time for a smooth transition to a replacement appliance. See

Database in a box anyone?

Friday July 8, 2011

Want a database with good search? But don’t want the hassle of installation, configuration, and low level management? Check out Thunderstone’s Parametric Search Appliance. Just plug it into your network and go. Also available as a virtual machine to integrate with data centers that prefer using VMs.

Get your data into the appliance using any of various methods. You can push data into the appliance using XML and SOAP based APIs. You can connect to existing databases such as MS SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Documentum, and others. Or you can use the built-in crawling technology to crawl websites or file stores and extract fields from those into the database.

If you have a Catalog type of application in mind you can also consider Thunderstone’s Catalog Appliance. It makes the construction of fancy catalog searches even easier.

Paying too much for search?

Friday April 30, 2010

Is Google costing you too much? Besides the high initial investment you’re required to completely repurchase the whole thing every 2 years for the privilege of continuing to use it. Wow, what a way to scrape your customers…

Want search that costs less? Has lower maintenance fees in line with industry norms? And continues running even if you never pay anything after the initial purchase? Of course you do. Check out Thunderstone’s search appliances at and other enterprise and e-commerce search products at


Monday July 28, 2008

Well no one’s using the bonus pressure acquired yesterday and it’s increasingly difficult to let new molecules in without one of the already trapped ones trying to get out. I think I’ll just take it easy today. Not that it really matters since I never get tired.

A hot day

Monday July 28, 2008

Yesterday was an exciting day sorting molecules. Someone shone a bright light nearby and heated things up. The hot molecules were just a flyin’ by. I think I had the door open more than closed today. Only a few of the nasty slow buggers to keep out.

I’d say the day was a workout, but mysteriously I just wasn’t tired at the end of the day.